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Nugget #2

Agreement -
(Understanding each other)

Amos 3:3 (NKJV)
Can two walk together, unless they are agreed?
 In our last prayer nugget, we saw we have to build a relationship with our Lord. We saw Jesus called his disciples His friends after spending three years with them.
In our second nugget, we continue from relationship. The relationship growth depends with trust. You can spend years with somebody before they earn your trust. Why? The way they appear or present themselves to you truthfully depends on how you will open up your heart to them. Many times, we get badly hurt by our friends because we did not understand the level we ought to trust them. We give them our hearts before they earn our trust. They use it to hurt you! They know us now and understand our weaker side.

 Back to prayers, remember, here we are dealing with our Lord Jesus Christ relationship. We cannot hide from him. He knows us more than we tell Him. The question is, how truthful are we? Can we earn His trust? Do we try to justify everything or do we go to him humbly with a repentant heart? Relationship is two ways. What are you doing to earn His trust? Remember, Jesus loves you so much and He has already paid the ultimate price to earn your trust with His life. All He need is your sincerity. Your openness to Him will earn His trust.

 There is a time to talk to your friend and another time to listen. As it is said, listening is a struggle. Most people will keep on talking and dont want to listen. Prayers is not just talking to God. We also need to spend time listening to God. Read His word, exercise quiet time, alone with Christ. Learn to listen to the Holy Spirit. Amos says two cannot walk together unless they agree. Agreement is as a result of understanding each other. Jesus want you to understand Him. He understands you.
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